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The team

Tomas Cizmar

Ivo Leite

Sergey Turtaev
Peter MekhailVadim KorenSebastian Vasquez-Lopez Vera KollarovaSilvie BernatovaJan KankaTomas TycZbynek DostalBratislav StrakaGeorges Goetz
Vadim Koren visited the group in April 2015 to receive training in controlling a new prototype of fibre-based miscoscope.
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Latest news
13. 7. 2015Our latest Nature Photonics contribution "Seeing through chaos in multimode fibres", in which demonstrate imaging with flexible multimode fibres, is published online.
25. 6. 2015Sergey Turtaev, ITN PHOQUS PhD student, joins the group to work on development multimode fibre based real-time holographic imaging systems for endoscopy.
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Media coverage"Camera no thicker than a human hair will help surgeons."
BBC NEWS"Star Trek style 'tractor beam' created by scientists."
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Latest publications
[1] Multimode fibre: Light-sheet microscopy at the tip of a needle fibres.
Scientific Reports 5 (2015)
[2] Seeing through chaos in multimode fibres.
Nature Photonics 9(8) 529-535 (2015)
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MATLAB code for analysis of transformation matrices of multimode fibres (Nature Photonics 2015)
GPU Toolbox for NVidia GTX980; CUDA 6.5 64bit Compute Capability 3.5 Compiler VC12; (Optics Letters, 2015); Fully tested; includes C++ source code
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Past members

Martin Ploschner

Martin Kristensen
ELI-ALPSPavel ZemanekKishan DholakiaTomas TycNathalie RochefortWoei Ming (Steve) LeeNigel EmptageAndrea Di FalcoDaniel PalankerEdward (Ned) DeboldPHOQUS
Nathalie Rochefort collaborates with the group on implementation of fibre endoscopes into visual cortex of animal models.
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