Development powerful computer interfaces
For all our advanced imaging geometries we permanently develop and optimize a GPU accelerated toolbox which provides ultra-fast shaping of the light propagation through complex media. In our optical systems, coherent laser light is holographically modulated before being sent into a turbid and randomising medium in order to achieve arbitrary light patterns behind. The toolbox optimises the acquisition of a transformation matrix of the randomising medium (quantitative characterisation of how the light gets scrambled within the medium) and uses the acquired result to design, in real-time, the desired holographic mask for on-the-fly modulation of the output light field. The latest version of the toolbox allows removal of undesired interference effects (speckling) computationally. We remark that we have developed and tested the toolbox on multimode optical waveguides acting as turbid media but the usage of the toolbox can be readily implemented in beam-shaping through any other linear optical system. All versions of the toolbox are available from "Downloads".
M Ploeschner & T Cizmar Compact multimode fiber beam-shaping system based on GPU accelerated digital holography. Optics Letters 40(2) 197-200 (2015)
M Ploeschner, B Straka, K Dholakia & T Cizmar GPU accelerated toolbox for real-time beam-shaping in multimode fibres. Optics Express 22(3) 2933-2947 (2014)