Analysing chaos in fibre optics.
How random and chaotic the light propagation in multimode fibres really is? Multimode fibres deliver light signals in the form of apparently random speckled patterns, in a very similar fashion to other random media. Although multimode fibres feature remarkably faithful cylindrical symmetry they are frequently classified as unpredictable optical systems. Our research challenges this commonly held notion. We develop powerful holographic geometries for complete and accurate analysis of light signals traveling in and out of the fibre and we compare the results with advanced numerical modelling. We have already shown that commercially available multimode fibres are capable of performing as extremely precise optical components and that light propagation within straight or even significantly deformed segments of multimode fibres may be predicted up to distances in excess of hundreds of millimetres. Harnessing this newly discovered predictability in endoscopy will allow for high-resolution imaging deep inside motile organisms.
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