Optical manipulation
Development of new geometries for optical manipulation - transporting, confining and sorting micro objects with the forces of light - has been the foundation area for Complex Photonics group. Experiments of optical manipulation within turbid media gradually brought the group to a new direction of photonics in complex environments and fibre optic. Optical manipulation, however, has not faded out completely. A recent success from 2013, resulting from well established collaboration with the group of Pavel Zemanek demonstrated the possibility of radiation pressure reversal in a new 'tractor beam' geometry: When matter and light interact the solid object is pushed by the light and carried away in the stream of photons. Such radiation force makes tails of comets point away from the Sun. Recently, several groups have realized that whilest this is the case for most of the optical fields, there is a space of parameters where this force reverses. We have demonstrated the first experimental realisation of this concept together with a number of exciting applications.
O Brzobohaty, V Karasek, M Siler, L Chvatal, T Cizmar & P Zemanek Experimental demonstration of optical transport, sorting and self- arrangement using a 'tractor beam'. Nature Photonics 7(2) 123-127 (2013)
O Brzobohaty, T Cizmar, V Karasek, M Siler, K Dholakia & P Zemanek Experimental and theoretical determination of optical binding forces. Optics Express 18(24) 25389-25402 (2010)